Culoe de song

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I made a discovery today, a gem in the thorns.

You might not like someone for your own stupid reason, and the dumbest part is that person don’t even know. Basically at the end of the day you turn out to be the dumb-cake.

From this person, I learnt of a artist who makes beauitful paintings for our ears,

Culoe de Song

Don’t dislike anyone that did jack to you, or for no reason. If you do dislike someone for a “good” reason, learn to make peace with that, and move on with your life.

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don’t be naughty

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Two brothers were always getting into trouble in their neighborhood. The people in the neighborhood started complaining to the parents about the boys. So the boys parents decided to have their priest talk to the boys. The priest asks to speak to the boys alone, requesting to see the youngest first. The young boy comes in and sits at a large table across the room from the priest. The priest looks at the boy, points at him and, trying to emphasize that God is in everyone, asks, “Where is God?” The boy looks around the room and back at the priest and says nothing. Again, the priest points at the boy and in a louder voice asks, “Where is God?” The boy says nothing. The priest walks around the table, pointing inches from the boy’s face and asks again, “Where is God?” The boy jumps out of his chair and runs out the door. The boy runs right home, grabs his older brother and says to him, “We are in BIG trouble!” His brother replies, “We haven’t done anything!” The younger brother replies, “God’s missing, and they think we did it!”

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sharing hickory nuts

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Two boy scouts went on a nature hike in the hills picking hickory nuts.
Along the way, they filled their small pails and then started to fill their pockets and shirts.
When they could hold no more nuts, they started down the country road until they came across a cemetery. The boys decided that would be a good place to stop and rest and divide out the nuts.
The two boys sat in the shade of a large oak tree and unloaded their pockets and buckets by dumping all of the nuts in a large pile.
In the process, two of them rolled away and rested near the road. The boys then proceeded to divide out the nuts. “One for you. One for me. One for you. One for me.”
As they were doing this, another boy was passing by and happened to hear them. He looked into the cemetery, but could not see the boys, because they were obscured by the tree. He hesitated a moment and then ran back to town.
“Father! Father!” he yelled as he entered his house. “The cemetery. Come quick!”
“What’s the matter?” his father asked.
“No time to explain,” the boy frantically panted. “Follow me!”
The boy and his father ran up the country road and stopped when they reached the cemetery. They stopped at the side of the road and all fell silent for a few moments. Then the father asked his son what was wrong.
“Do you hear that?” he whispered. Both people listened intently and heard the Scouts. “One for me. One for you. One for me. One for you…”
The boy then blurted out, “The devil and the Lord are dividing the souls!”
The father was skeptical but silent — until a few moments later as the Scouts completed dividing out the nuts and one Scout said to the other, “Now, as soon as we get those two nuts down by the road, we’ll have them all.”

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lol, tough to be a politician!

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Master piece, stomach in chest out!

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Local vs Oor-kant

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I was just listening to Kanye West Late Registration, then immediately after that I listened to Khulichana, and I’m thinking why are the local artist not so recognised locally but their music is of such a high quality, creativley and sound quality?

Question I wish to know the answer to.

have a look at these 2 videos


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“Monopolize our own natural resources, like the Saudies” ke Tuks, gotta love his mino (music).

It’s a Friday, chilling in the office, very boring, got nothing much to do!!!

oh! I know! Facebook!! :|

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DBN 2 KBY Coming soon…

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I’m just listening to Tuk’s track “Botho ft. Kabomo”. Beautiful track.
I’m just thinking we hear good things everyday, but if you look at it in greater detail, we hear the same thing everyday, but just phased differently. So I guess the human mind is like that, we tend not learn from our mistakes easily, therefore we do the same thing over and over again.

Have a beautiful day,

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That tuxedo might have been a lil gweedo

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It don’t matter how you look, it all matters on what you have to say. But looking good all the time could do much for your image, and get you out there even better!!

Just gp after the glory, and never forget that God gave you that Ability, so always hold is name up high!!!

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My view on the state of our country

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My view on the state of our country and lifestyles in South Africa.

I look around, and I see a waste, a waste of time, life, resources, energy and most of all a waste of dreams. Check it, you switch on the TV, and you see something nice. You want it, but the only way for you to get it, is to buy it.

Have you ever thought that for you to be able to get, you could make it?
Typical: everyday, we buy products, and when you look at it and see where was it made, I garantee you most of the time it has “made in china” written on it.

do you know that the Asian economy is growing very fast, and faster than the all the other countries?

Where does china get it’s factors of production from? AFRICA! and all they add to the equation is : Labour.

So what i am saying is, why cant we just take our time, everyday after work, or school, experiment, take a nail and hammer, bang it into wood, put things together, and see what you come up with. Who knows, maybe you will come up with something better than sliced bread!

All Im saying is, you don’t have to buy, MAKE…

Tell me what you think

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